One of my absolute favorite hobbies is quilting.  Random, yes...but true.  I could spend hours looking at fabric and patterns and never get bored.  Here is a collection of my more recent finished projects that I've done since I entered the blogosphere.  Click on the title to see more pictures or read more about each quilt if you're interested.  My taste and style have definitely changed much over the past few years, and I'd probably identify myself with the modern quilt movement now.  I hope you enjoy seeing them as I much as I do making them!

Garden Fences (Twin quilts!)


mommafoso said...

beautiful quilts, hard to pick a favorite

Elaine said...

Hi Carl. I came to look at your quilts after seeing the backs(!) of a few them linked at swimbikequilt. You are so, so talented. Your fabric and color choices are really wonderful. It's both really inspiring and a great quilting lesson! You have a beautiful family, too.