When my son was born I promised I would always make him an awesome birthday cake.  I try my best to make the whole birthday party experience one he'll never forget, but hopefully, at the very least, he'll remember what Daddy baked up for him.   I think I'm going to love having all of his parties on this one page so I can look back every year and watch him grow up all over again!

Paintball 10th birthday

GameTruck 9th Birthday

Harry Potter/Hogwarts 8th Birthday 
(Part 1 and Part 2 of crafts, decorations, cake, etc, plus some party pics)

Mad Science 7th birthday

LEGO Ninjago 6th birthday
(Unless you also want to see our family & friends too)

Sharks and Sea Creatures 5th Party
(Related posts: an overview, the cake, the banner, and the favors

Dinosaur 4th Birthday Party

Pirate 3rd Birthday Party
(Related posts: decorations, the cardboard ship,

Construction 2nd Birthday Party

Safari 1st Birthday Party
(Related posts: an overview, plus the cake and treats)


Unknown said...

Karl your cakes are amazing! I am filled with feelings of inadequacy!! Gretchen

Alison Duveen said...

These are absolutely stunning! I tried once and am now going for fondant lessons. I love popping over to your blog. Every moment is precious and the love you have for your gorgeous little boy really shines through.