Wednesday, July 12, 2017

The Bernard T. Janney Award

We had a lovely surprise phone call at the end of the school year telling us that Joseph was one of the recipient's of this year's Bernard T. Janney Award.  One boy and one girl from each class receive this award, for consistently being pleasant, diligent, cooperative, considerate, thoughtful, and courteous - basically for being an all around great kid, which is every parent's dream come true!  I honestly don't know why he hasn't gotten this award every year ;)

I secretly cleared my schedule and told Joseph I was going in to work late because Brent was out of town, and also tricked him into thinking I was coming to the ceremony just to see the Safety Patrol promotion.  He was surprised, and I think very proud to receive this award.  We are definitely proud of him for being such a great kid!

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