Sunday, June 11, 2017

Renovation, Part 3: Interior Demolition

Lots of work has been going on inside our house too!  When we were out of town way back at Spring Break, we gave our contractor the OK to start busting the place up.  They sealed off the upstairs to work on the hallway and master bedroom area.

The top of the stairs pretty much led to a wall with an L-shaped hallway to get into our bedroom.  We knocked the wall down to open up the hallway and have the entrance to our room directly across from Joseph's.  There will be a linen closet there too.

Same wall, viewed from the other side, then gone!  We also added attic access with a ladder.

The few windows in the room were opened up for an entrance into our new master bathroom, which is huge.  Fun to be picking out fixtures and tile!

Across from the window wall is an entrance to a large storage space that will still be our master closet, but it's getting updated with new lighting and electrical, HVAC, insulation, and real drywall instead of the weird stuff that was there before.

Turning the windows into a bathroom door left only 1 sad little window in our room, so we added another for light and symmetry.

As great as our old kitchen still looks, it was showing its age and we are thrilled to expand it significantly and seriously lighten it up.  We loved the cherry cabinets and black granite when we picked them 17 years ago, but it's time for a change.

Adding one window on that wall will give so much natural light!  Since the cabinets and granite were still in good shape we donated them to Community Forklift.

Here's where the biggest change is happening, with the entire back wall of the house coming down!  There were temporary support walls until the steel beam went in place, and now it's wide open!

They completely gutted the whole space.

Now I go around taking pictures of plumbing and wiring just so I have documentation of where everything is in case it ever needs to be accessed again.  I know, dork.

The new brick work outside looks fantastic.  We could have saved a few grand by not doing that, but we knew it would look great.

Looking in the other direction away from the house, our poor yard is forever a disaster area, whether it's old appliances or bags and bags of old attic insulation, or a giant mud pit with the incessant rain we've been having.

Luckily Brent keeps the front of our house looking spectacular!

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