Saturday, May 13, 2017

Shad Release

Joseph's class recently completed a unit in Science on ecosystems and I got to accompany them on a related field trip.  They learned a lot about the Chesapeake Bay Watershed and specifically about the history of shad in the Anacostia River.  They actually hosted a shad fish hatchery in the classroom  (love DCPS!) where they learned how to care for the shad, including water quality and temperature testing. They tended to the eggs and watched as the shad developed and finally hatched from their tiny eggs.  We then took a field trip to the Anacostia Watershed so the students could deliver and release the newborn baby shad into the Anacostia River.

There's an estimated 2000 baby shad swimming around in that bucket.  Each of the 100+ students took a scoop of them to release into the wild.  The guides couldn't really estimate how many of them would survive to adulthood.

We then got a tour inside several different rooms in the Aquatic Resources Education Center, which was like a mini aquarium showcasing the wildlife and vegetation in and around the area.  A favorite was the big snapping turtle that followed the kids as they moved around, looking for a snack.  They also loved the sign on the turtle's tank in the last photo- enlarge the picture to read it!

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