Thursday, April 13, 2017

Colonial Day

Colonial Day is a big deal for the 4th grade at our elementary school.  In the last unit of Social Studies they learned all about the original Colonies, the Revolutionary War, and the Constitution.  Each student got to pick a profession and was assigned a colony.  They had to write a job description and make items they would have used in their line of work, draw a map of their town, make arguments for or against articles of the Constitution, and dress in period costume on the big day.  Phew, it's a lot!

I was rooting for tailor or baker, but Joseph chose to be an Apothecary, kind of like a pharmacist and doctor combined.  I picked up a few different craft wood pieces and some metallic paint for next to nothing, and we turned them into a mortar and pestle with a tray to display some medicinal herbs.

Joseph was fascinated by the concept of bloodletting, and he came up with the idea of making fake leeches.  It was our first time working with Scupley clay.  He shaped the leeches, I baked them, then he painted them with acrylic paint, and damn if they didn't look real in an apothecary jar filled with water (especially since I Krazy-glued a few to the sides)!

We were given very detailed instructions on appropriate attire.  We could have faked it, but I found a pattern for an adult costume and modified the vest to fit him, which I made out of flannel. The pants were a re-do of his football costume, made out of leftover fleece from his shark costume!  The top was a cheap white dress shirt from TJ Maxx that I reworked to death.  Oh, and I made an apron too for him to wear at work!

Jospeh set up shop in the Southern Colony of South Carolina. 

People were seriously SO fascinated by the leeches!

Here are a few friends: Ethan as printer/binder, Nolan as general store owner, Zara as baker.

It sure was a lot of work over weeks and weeks for a 1 hour event, but the kids loved the whole thing, and learned a lot in the process to boot.  Here's to my handsome Colonist!

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