Thursday, April 6, 2017

C is for Chloe

Our neighbors' daughter, my little Chloe-Bear, is growing up so fast!  It was definitely time to make her a Tooth Fairy pillow before it was too late.

I raided my scraps and found a lot of the original fabrics I used in her zoo quilt plus a few more that complimented them well, and decided on a sweet and simple 4" heart shaped block.  The pillow front was quilted in one continuous line in a radiating square (kind of like spiral quilting).  I've heard some kids have pulled off their initial which is only fused down, so I made sure to topstitch Chloe's C for security.

Completed pillow case, front and back, with zipper hidden under a coordinating flap.  I though the XO backing fabric went perfectly with the hearts.

Chloe was SO excited to get her pillow.  Apparently she's been asking her parents forever when I was going to make her one!  She's all ready for the Tooth Fairy to visit!

Gosh, I'm realizing it's been forever since Joseph needed to use his, almost a year since he's lost a tooth.

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