Sunday, April 30, 2017

A Houma Holiday

When we realized it had been about 2 years since our last visit to Brent's home town, we knew exactly where we'd be heading for Spring Break.  Brent's brother Glenn was also able to drive in from Houston to join us.  It's hard to resist the call of crawfish and king cake!

Unfortunately Joseph's cousins didn't come with Uncle Glenn since they were in school.  Joseph kept busy in the pool and hot tub, and he loved driving the golf cart around the gated community as much as we would let him. 

Poppy made fresh waffles, and Mimi helped make tie dye glitter Easter eggs. 

We spent Easter at Brent's cousin Mindy's place.  Little Jerry is so cute and is getting so big!  

Mostly it was a quiet, relaxing time to spend with family.  I was smart enough to not help trim palm trees.  Uncle Glenn took a frond to the head, but with us there's always a doctor in the house.  There's also tons of lizards around the house too!

One of the highlights of Houma for Joseph is Mr. Ronnie's Famous Hot  Donuts.  I know a certain someone who's competing for "Uncle of the Year."

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