Thursday, March 30, 2017

The Big 5-0

How can I possibly be 50?  It just sounds So. Darn. Old.  Luckily my memory isn't fading yet, but just in case, my phone reminded me that my birthday was quickly approaching.

My day was filled with fun texts, calls, and cards - including an AARP membership card!  I was treated to a special lunch with Missy and my birthday twin, JVG.

Here's one of the presents I was hoping for: construction!  The permit is up in the window, the signs are up, and the deck got demolished.

I was spoiled at night by B and JT.  First, an amazing dinner at one of the hot new restaurants, Sfoglina, then my favorite lemon buttercream cake from Heidelberg Bakery at home.

Then an intriguing present from Brent:

And my heart went BOOM! (please tell me you know that's a lyric from Hamilton?  Isn't the entire world as obsessed as we are?!?)  I don't even want to know what Brent had to do to get orchestra seats for Hamilton in NYC, but hey, I only turn 50 once!  And look at this adorable card from Joseph!

And look at all my gorgeous birthday flowers!  Roses from the Deubert's, and 50 tulips from my BFF Lance.

So this is me at 50.
I may be older, but luckily I haven't matured much since the 90's.

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Rgutro said...

Happy birthday Carl! Welcome to 50, the new 35. :) What a great celebration. Wishing you a fun and memorable 50th year with family, fun, health, love and great adventures!