Sunday, February 19, 2017

So Emojional

😍 Happy Belated Valentine's Day! 😘

OMG, I just discovered Blogger has a new tab in the tool bar for inserting Emojis - how appropriate for this post!  Joseph and I came up with a few ideas for his class valentines this year, but this one was the clear winner.  Emojis are so cool with the kids right now 😎.  I bought 2 sets of these Emoji "keychains" (which kids use as decoration or zipper pulls on their backpacks) from Amazon, and with free shipping it cost all of about 65 cents per classmate to make these. 

Joseph dutifully went through his class list and chose a specific Emoji he though each friend would like the most.

I made a simple card with the hashtag Joseph came up with (#happyheartday) and punched out a bunch of circles of craft paper.  Joseph then decorated each card to match the Emoji that went with it.

Once he was done, I punched a hole in each card and attached the keychains.  I LOVE the way they turned out, and I'm so impressed that Joseph put so much thought and effort into making these for his friends.  Ethan got the coveted poop 💩 Emoji and Max got the awesome purple devil 😈.

His adorable little drawings make my 💗 so happy!

We ran with the theme and made a mailbox to match.

I was in charge of providing a class treat this time around, so I made these fun confetti cookies using valentine colored sprinkles.  Did you know you can buy as much as you want in any color you want at the bakery in the supermarket?  They sell them by weight and it's WAY cheaper than buying them at the craft store.  I also stumbled upon the 💋 kiss chocolate mold (from Joseph's preschool valentine!) in my cabinet and decided to make those too.  Why can't making themed school treats be my full time job? WHY?!?!?

We knew we'd have a few keychains left over, so Joseph got to pick which ones he wanted to keep for himself.  They ALL wound up right where they belong.  👍💖

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