Thursday, February 16, 2017

Random #10

Oh boy, we're half way through February and I haven't blogged a thing :(
I have a few projects to share in the near future, but in the meantime, here are some random pics from the past few months that never made it up.

I got to chaperone a field trip to the Shakespeare Theater with Joseph's class to see The Secret Garden, which was fantastic.  We took the Metro, and everyone survived.

We didn't travel at all over the holidays, and in fact I had to work on New Year's Eve.  One of my patient's parents brought me something special along with their sick kid.  Take note, people.  This is how you do it.

We've had little to no snow so far - bummer!  Just a dusting one time.

While I was at work on Inauguration Day (oy vey...), Brent took Joseph skiing.  He's ready to move up to the next level if we ever get more snow!

We threw our annual gumbo party during the televised Lady Gaga concert that was interrupted by Super Bowl LI.  It was the last big party before our construction starts - maybe that's why it seemed so crowded?!  Or it was the fact there was something like 24 adults and 20 children!  I baked dozens upon dozens of different cookies, but these classic chocolate whoopee pies were the best.

In otherworldly news, Joseph has finally taken a greater interest in Star Wars.  We started having movie nights and are going through the series the right way, starting with Episode V: A New Hope.  So far we've only seen that one and The Empire Strikes Back.

Here's crazy hair day during spirit week at school.  Still have that tube of red hair gel that he loves to use.

Finally, here's our other boy that doesn't make it onto the blog enough, our sweet Simon.

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