Monday, February 20, 2017

District Love

Ugh, the dreaded "class creation" for the annual school auction.  No one ever wants to be bothered with this chore, so as the lead room parent: tag - I'm it.  I realize I'm generally known to be pathologically crafty, but doing one project with 2 dozen kids in half an hour that someone actually wants to buy?   There's the drama.

I've always wanted to try "magazine strip art," where you cut magazine pages into little strips and then glue them down to form a silhouette.....if that doesn't make sense by the end of this post, then just search it on Pinterest or give it a Google.  I figured it would be a pretty quick and easy project.

I like to try to make projects that someone would actually want to have in their home, so I tend to focus on a DC-centric theme.  I designed the following template in my sad little graphics program - first I made the District of Columbia's flag, sized it to fit as the "E" in "LOVE" then overlaid it onto a clip art outline of DC.

I cut a piece of foam board to fit a 16"x20" shadow box frame, enlarged the template to the same size, and traced it onto the foam board.  Then I cut about a billion quarter-inch strips of patterned craft paper (instead of magazine pages) in blue, red, and some gray, which the kids took turns glueing down with a glue stick to fill the background.  I even made a mini version of the project so they knew what they were working towards, and they all seemed excited about it!

Next step: trace the template onto white poster board and cut it out to leave the negative space, layering it on top of the background.

To create some dimension I used leftover foam board and cut out a second poster board template to layer on top.  That's when I tried to slice a large part of my finger off.  Crafting can be dangerous!  It's OK, I was due for a Tetanus booster anyway.

And here's the finished project!

Now I just hope someone besides me will buy it at the auction next month!

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