Sunday, January 29, 2017

Chairmen of the Board Games

One of my partners at work recently retired, and since we have yet to replace him, I've had to begrudgingly start working more hours in the new year.  It's definitely not been fun adapting to the new schedule and trying to figure out how to still be as productive with less time off (I know, poor me), but one thing I would not compromise on was still being available to pick Joseph up from school and spend the afternoon with him on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  I know he doesn't really need me home as much as he is getting older, but I've always been the kind of parent that just wants to be present.  On any given afternoon together I am guaranteed to hear "Do you want to play a game, Daddy?"  And my answer is always a resounding "Yes!"  Our go-to's tend to be Life and Monopoly, but we run the gamet of many other board games and card games too.

There's frequently some crafting involved as well.  Joseph is kind of an artsy kid, so he helped try out a few ideas that I was working on for our class auction project this year.  Still haven't sorted that one out....maybe because we moved on to Quixels and Star Wars Lego's.

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