Sunday, July 23, 2017

Renovation, Part 4: Walls and All

A LOT has happened with our renovation/addition in the past 2 months!  It's crazy that a delivery of drywall, hardwood flooring, or tile could bring such joy - but it means things are moving forward.

The previous window wall was framed out as the entrance to our new (huge) master bathroom, which got sprayfoam insulation, drywall, and now tile in the shower and on the floor.

The entrance from the hallway into our bedroom was also framed out and drywalled, the new window  installation was completed, the room was primed, and it's now painted a soothing pale gray.  The door at the end leads into our master closet that now has HVAC and electrical.

This is the other side of the wall leading into our bedroom from the hallway.  Lovely new linen closet!  We saved the wood floors from downstairs to use to patch up the hallway.

Speaking of downstairs, the new space is coming together nicely with insulation and drywall too.

And floors!  Which would have been more exciting had they actually been level.  There wound up being a hump in the middle between the old and new spaces, but they were able to remedy it without much ado.

Then, quite unexpectedly on time, our new cabinetry arrived!  They wasted no time in starting installation.  We also had gorgeous quartz counters measured and installed within about 3 days, but then they covered them up before I could take pictures so they could prime and paint the ceilings and walls.

We went with "pebble gray" in the kitchen and "dove white" for the bar and window seat areas in the dining room.  Absolutely happy that we chose 2 different colors but the same cabinet door style to separate but unify the spaces.

The biggest delay of all has been the metal roof for the 1st floor.  Still haven't gotten a good enough explanation for why, but once they were installed they could finish up the siding and trim.

Another delay was this particular door we ordered to enlarge the opening from the living room out onto the covered porch.  They claim it was special order so it took months to arrive, but it was installed within a day.

Then we had to choose paint colors quite quickly!  We settled on the gray for the exterior easily (Benjamin Moore "Delray Gray" for the siding and "Rock Gray" for some accent areas), but the door color took much discussion. In the end I was able to convince everyone that this blue (Benjamin Moore "pool Blue") was the perfect choice.  Oh, and PS, we decided to paint the entire exterior of the house.  So long, yellow and white weathered brick!

Thursday, July 20, 2017


We interrupt this string of long overdue blog updates to share that our boy just turned TEN!

Birthday party is coming up this weekend - see if you figure out the theme from the banner.

After camp we immediately hit the ice cream truck.  Somebody had never had a chocolate dip before and now thinks they are one of the world's greatest inventions.  Dinner was predictably at Guapo's.

Recognize this guy?  Yes, after Father's Day, Joseph decided he desperately wanted a Fudgie the Whale ice cream cake for his birthday, which we found you can special order from a shop in Arlington.  Only problem there was that his party will be outdoors and it's a 45 minute drive from home, so no way Fudgie would have survived. Our solution was to have all the kids on the block over on his actual birthday for Fudgie, and we'll have a regular cake at his party.

Something about him entering the double digits really got to me, and I decided Joseph really needed a super special present to mark the occasion.  In a move that shocked everyone, I very spontaneously agreed that he could get an Xbox, and O. M. G. was he surprised and excited!!!!