Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Oh Danny Boy

Of all the creative things I could have made my son for Halloween, he chose to be a football player.  That should have been ridiculously straightforward, but Joseph was very specific about which football player he wanted to be: Danny Etling, the starting quarterback for the LSU Tigers.

And guess what?  They don't make any jerseys for Etling yet, so when I thought I was going to catch a break and simply buy him a costume for once, it turns out I had to make it after all.  (Which you know I not-so-secretly didn't mind in the least).  Thankfully I was able to buy a costume helmet.  It would have been nice if there was a pattern out there somewhere for a football jersey, but nope, struck out there too.  The closet thing I could find was a pajama pattern, but made out of the right jersey knit fabric, you'd never know!  Large top, small bottom, add some elastic at the knees, and done!

It's all in the details, right?  I used double-faced fusible webbing to turn scraps of the fabric into the number decals, name, and arm & leg stripes, added the LSU logo and a Nike "swoosh," did some topstitching, and even got some LSU socks.

He plays the part well!

We faked the shoulder pads with some craft foam, much easier and more comfortable than the real thing.  As a final touch, I made a simple trick-or-treat tote bag out of the LSU logo on ink-jet printer fabric plus white craft felt.

Happy Halloween 2016!

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