Thursday, November 10, 2016

Howdy, Pilgrim

Just before Halloween I was able to chaperone the 4th grade field trip to Historic St. Mary's City.  Instead of trekking all the way out to Jamestown, which made for a brutally long day, the kids could still learn about 17th century life in this former colonial town which was Maryland's first capital.

Our tour guide first showed us all around a tobacco plantation.

Then we visited an Native American village.  We learned how they built these houses called "witchotts," how they hunted and fished, how they made clothes, and how they made a canoe.

Then we went down to the waterfront to see a tall ship and learned a lot about sailing.  Joseph even got to help hoist the anchor.

I couldn't fit all the kids in a regular photo so I took this panoramic.  Poor Nolan, in the back next to Joseph, must have moved, since he lost half his face and a hand.  Oops!  Nevertheless, such a wonderful day!

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