Thursday, October 20, 2016

The East Building

Last week my BFF was in town for a visit and we spent an afternoon at the newly renovated East Building of the National Gallery of Art, home to the museum's modern and contemporary collection.  Coincidentally, Lance and I were together exactly the same time last year, although that was in Las Vegas when we did a Tough Mudder and saw Britney Spears.  I think this will have be become a tradition!

Loved the Photography Reinvented exhibit!

More faves:

There are 2 new Tower Galleries (one with a Calder exhibit, the other Rothko) connected by an outdoor sculpture terrace with a 14.5 foot blue rooster.

We didn't go through the West Building but did pass through the light sculpture that connects the two.  Always so much fun with my crazy friend, who just couldn't resist grabbing his p**** as we walked by the new Trump hotel in the Old Post Office Building!

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