Sunday, October 9, 2016

Research Mission: Accomplished

Joseph was out of school recently for a professional development day so we took the opportunity to do some research for a Social Studies project.  Each fourth grader was assigned a Native American tribe and has to create some kind of 3D artifact relevant to its history or culture.  We figured our local National Museum of the American Indian would be a good place to research Joseph's tribe, the Navajo.

Yet amazingly, all they had was a Navajo flag and a little area about a treaty with the tribe, not one thing about their art or culture.

But then, of all places, we hit the jackpot in the gift shop.  Tons of examples (and even info cards to take home!) about Navajo jewelry, pottery, and woven textiles.

Before our research mission Joseph had thought he wanted to make a doll, but once he saw the traditional Navajo sand paintings used in ceremonies, he was sold - and it was the one I was hoping for all along, since I knew it was a craft he could actually handle making without much assistance.  (I secretly can't wait to see how many parents actually wind up doing their kids' project for them!)

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