Saturday, October 29, 2016

Random #9

Some of these pics have been hanging around in blog limbo for quite a while.  Like this batch that was eventually forwarded from Brent's BFF Leonel after I had already posted about Pride back in June.  Look at JT's eyes!

I think I've lost track of how many plumbing disasters we've had in our house.  Leak #2 from the same place in the ceiling of the basement, the shutoff valve to the outside hose.  Lord knows how long it had been slowly leaking behind the wall until one day I found it soaking wet.  I ripped out the wall and isolation, had the plumber repair it again, and called my savior, Mauricio, who always makes it look like nothing ever happened.

My girl Joce brought me a variety of sea salts from Angelsey a while ago and I was never sure what to do with some of them.  But then I made salted caramel brownies again, and this was a perfect pairing.

Here's a pic from Nolan's mom.  Monday mornings, Safety Patrol holds the flag for the Pledge of Allegiance.

My FlagStar!

Have you heard the Best. News. Ever?!  My prayers have been answered and Michael's craft store opened in Friendship Heights!  (Actually, I would have much preferred a Joann's to satisfy my fabric needs as well, but this will do nicely, thank you very much!) And as Joseph's request, we bought some spooky decorations (at 70% off!) to get us in the Halloween spirit.

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