Sunday, October 30, 2016

Navajo Sand Painting

Joseph chose to create a Navajo sand painting for his Social Studies project (as mentioned in this post).  We looked around at lots of images on the internet before Joseph settled on this one:

Let's be clear: even though I am a total crafty dad, I do not want to be one of those parents that does their kids' projects for them or insists that they have to be perfect.  Other than ordering a $7 package of multicolored sand from Amazon and tracing the image onto the canvas, this work of art is otherwise 100% JT's effort.  He is an artsy kid, and I loved seeing him be so enthusiastic about working on it a little bit every few days over a more than 2 week period.  The glue and sand had to dry before he could layer on another color.

Really, isn't it fantastic?!?!?  He also had to write a description of what his artifact was and how it symbolized his tribe.  Click to enlarge so you can read (and see his awesome penmanship!).

You can see it's far from perfect, but yet it's absolutely brilliant.  Or maybe I'm just a very proud crafty dad.

The Social Studies teacher organized the first ever "museum walk through" in the cafeteria, where the kids proudly displayed their artifacts and descriptions for families and other grades.

Joseph's was even chosen by Ms. Hunter to be shown for a longer term in the hall display cases!

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