Thursday, September 8, 2016

Sand Beach

Not a very creative name for a beach, but in truth it's quite appropriate since most of the beaches in New England are fairly rocky.  Sand Beach is only 290 yards long and is nestled in between granite mountains on Mount Desert Island.  The unique sand is comprised of shell fragments created by the pounding surf.

Look to the left, look to the right, then see it all together in a panorama!

We stopped for a bit at Sand Beach as we traveled the Park Loop Road, and Joseph would have stayed and played for hours had we brought bathing suits.  But let me tell you, that water is cooooooooold!

We spent the whole next morning there, and Joseph was brave enough to get well into the water, which is rarely greater than 55 degrees in the summer.

Brent and I took turns hiking around a little and walking the Ocean Path that follows the coast and eventually leads to Thunder Hole and Otter Cliff.  The views up there are spectacular!  I could even zoom in pretty well with my camera and see Joseph digging in the sand with a few other kids.  I love that he makes friends so easily and can play with anybody he meets.

My favorite picture, which really captures the colors and beauty of this little hidden gem.

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