Sunday, September 4, 2016

Maine Lighthouse Tour

It's Labor Day Weekend, we're done with 2 weeks of school, and I'm just now getting around to posting more vacation pics!  Our first activity in Bar Harbor was a morning lighthouse tour aboard the Bay King.  It was an exceptionally foggy morning and we were worried we might not be able to see a thing.

It was difficult to see along the coastline of Mount Desert Island as they tried point out a bunch of different mansions - which they call "cottages," but as we rounded a bend we literally left the fog bank behind us.  We sailed by Sag Harbor, and imagine my delight as they pointed out the home of none other than THE Martha Stewart.  I dream of being able to see Skylands some day!

Our first stop was at Bear Island Light.  I'll spare you any kind of history lesson on any of the sights.

SO much beauty to take in along the coast, including rocky mountains, big blue skies, an osprey nest, and sailboats out on the water.

Fog set in again as we neared Bass Harbor Light, but I guess that's kind of the point of the lighthouses after all, isn't it?  Yet looking in the opposite direction, clear blue skies.

This one is Egg Rock Light.  Really pretty out there all by itself, except for the company of a lot of seals and gulls.  People used to live in these isolated places before they all got power.

This is the same point we left from, just a few hours later on our return.  Compare it to the pics from when we started!  That last picture is for my dad.  They have a boat all ready for your visit!

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Rgutro said...

Beautiful scenery! Thanks for sharing your beautiful adventure. Glad that Post-Tropical Storm Hermine was staying south of New England to allow you to enjoy such a beautiful day!