Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Hopes & Dreams

Our first 4th grade field trip was earlier this month, and although I didn't get to attend, it sure looked pretty amazing.  The entire grade was transported down to the Mall on National Park Service buses and were invited to share their hopes and dreams for the school year on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, right where Martin Luther King, Jr. gave his famous "I Have a Dream" speech.

Another parent sent me a video of Joseph, but I couldn't hear a thing, and Joseph "couldn't" remember what he said at all :(  At least I got photos of it all, from him at the podium, to the cohort of something like 120 kids, plus his homeroom with Mr. Gold.

JT and Nolan have been in class together now 3 years running, and they have become such good friends.  Bonus that we love Nolan's family too!

When Back to School Night finally rolled around about 2 weeks later, Mr. Gold had posted all the kids' hopes and dreams for us to see.  Joseph's is a riot!  He has not once in the past month filled out a whole sheet of paper with division facts, and I love how his statement about trying to not get distracted kind of tapers off into nothingness.

This is a good one too.  This year George Washington is his hero (it was me last year!). Why?  Because he got a job and didn't die in battle.  There's definitely something to hope and dream for ;)

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