Sunday, August 21, 2016

Palisades Pool!

While we loved Merrimack, our little community pool, for the past few years, we were stoked to finally get into Palisades after about 5 years on the wait list.  It didn't help that my bestie Jocelyn and my work partner's husband were both on the board of the pool, we had to bide our time just like everyone else.

Day 2 of Mimi Camp involved hours of fun in the sun, especially taking video after video of Joseph with his cousins plus a school friend jumping off the diving boards, all in slo-mo, of course.  Jump, review the footage, jump again.

Here's 2 of Ashton:

And 2 of Leyton:

Plus 2 of Joseph:

Had to end with a dab there. of course!

Our pool also has tennis courts, foosball, and ping pong tables.  If you know Brent at all, you know his competitive streak runs deep, as does Leyton's.  Leyton is hard core, but Brent showed no mercy.

We finished out the day with a birthday dinner at Guapo's since the family didn't get to come to Joseph's party this year.  I wish every day of summer could be this good!

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