Sunday, August 21, 2016

Mimi Camp Begins!

Joseph had such an amazing time when his cousins came for his birthday last year and stayed for a week afterwards, and we managed to make something similar happen again this year.  Aunt Suthern needed to have surgery, so we offered to have her boys stay with us so she could focus on recovery.  Mimi flew from Louisiana to Houston to pick them up, then brought them here to DC.  Although the timing didn't quite work out and they had to miss Joseph's birthday party this year, it was still so wonderful to have them all here for an extended visit again - which we called Camp Mimi!

One of our first activities to fill the time was an afternoon of bowling at our local lanes.  We had so much fun that they went back a second time later in the week!

Of course it had to be kids vs. grown ups, and the kids did incredibly well.  Joseph's scores were particularly impressive, breaking 100 both games, and even winning the first.  But Brent is so competitive that he made sure to win the second game and have our team beat the kids, by all of 3 points.

The competitiveness carried over into air hockey as well.

So much time was spent out on our front lawn playing various sports with all the neighborhood kids.  Leyton and Ashton are so ridiculously athletic as are many of the kids on our block.  We wish it would have rubbed off more on JT, but he was out there a fair enough amount.

With a built in baby sitting team, B and I even managed to sneak out on Saturday night to celebrate our friend Larry's birthday.  His wife Elisabeth threw a karaoke party at this awesome dive bar called Little Miss Whiskey's, and we had so much fun we were out til the wee hours of the morning!  Those people are nuts but clearly put on quite a good show!

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