Thursday, August 11, 2016


Whoa, summer is going by Much. Too. Fast!  Camp is over already and school starts in less than 2 weeks, and we haven't even gone on vacation yet!!!

Figuring out what to do for summer camps is often incredibly stressful, but Joseph made it pretty easy for us this year.  There really isn't any one thing he loves to do.  He wouldn't last an hour at a sports specific camp.  He prefers lots of different activities, mostly centering on art, so we opted for a straight 6 week run at CASA, the Creative Arts Summer Adventure camp at Sheridan School, which is literally minutes from our house.  He loved it last year so we didn't waste much time looking at any other options.

Sessions run for 2 weeks, and at the end of each session they have a mini arts festival and performance.  In this one Joseph did pottery and drawing along with yoga and tennis.  You'll have to take my word that the little snail on the leaf is actually quite cute!  And how much do I love the sign that advertises free margaritas in his cityscape.  (What does that say about our family??)  I wish I could share the video of the yoga class performance, but it is just way too long to upload here.

In the last session he did recycled art, painting, Lego builders, and sports club.  He made some fun recycled art, like this castle and mobile.  One thing I'd like to recycle for sure is this t-shirt.  How can he outgrow every other article of clothing but this thing still fits him for like 2 years???

Joseph seems to have most enjoyed painting, and he's very proud of his creations.  At the show the teachers made sure to tell me that he was a joy to have in class and we should foster his creativity.  They actually believed him when he told them he wasn't allowed to have any art supplies at home.   What?!?!

I wish I could say Joseph painted this last one, but it was actually done by a much older kid in his class, and it's a portrait of Joseph!  SO cute!

I'm sure we'll be back at CASA again next summer.  The only thing we might change is having him assigned to the appropriate clubhouse with kids his age instead of with our neighbor Ben in the younger group.  He towers above all the little ones!

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