Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Sweet Senia

I don't think I've mentioned Senia or her older sister Anjela before.  The girls have spent the past year living right across the street from us with their grandparents, our lovely neighbors Ed and Allison, and attending Janney along with all the neighborhood kids.  While Anjela will be staying here, Senia is just off on a new adventure to live with her father in NY, but before she left, she had a wonderful birthday celebration with a backyard petting zoo and invited all her friends from the block.

What's more adorable than a crate full of bunny babies?!  There were also chicks and guinea pigs to hold, and in separate pens there were ducks, a giant rabbit, and the cutest little pig!

And then face painting and a piñata too before cake!

What a fun send off for such a sweet girl.  Happy 5th birthday, Senia!  We'll miss you!

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