Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Random #8

A few more random photos to share.

New-ish 'do last month.  SO handsome!

Taste testers for pink lemonade ice pops.
Thank you, neighbors!

Playing a card game with 3rd grade boys.  
This is what they chose for the category of "nasty."

It's not a Fourth of July party at the Rivers' without Angie-on-a-stick!
Back on the block we didn't celebrate until the 17th!

In the most exciting news EVER, we are actually getting a craft store so close to our home, right in Friendship Heights!!  Finally, my prayers have been answered!  I guarantee I will singlehandedly keep them in business.

Lastly, this popped up in my email.  Should you ever need to get me a present and are feeling stumped, this tee would be a good choice!  (Then there's always that other one my friend Ali has that says "I quilt so I don't kill people")

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