Thursday, July 7, 2016

Palisades Parade

It's been quite a few years since we've been to the annual Palisades neighborhood Fourth of July parade. The weather was perfect for a parade, overcast and cool instead of the usual blistering heat we get this time of year.  We met up with Ethan, Nolan, Nick, and Matt.

Joseph acts like every parade is Mardi Gras, but they do throw out beads and tons of candy to the kids.  The Cub Scouts usually start the parade and pass out brown paper bags for the kids to stash their loot.

Quite a diversion collection of groups and marchers, from the Different Drummers of DC, to a cardboard cutout of Hilary Clinton, along with tons and tons of these Bolivian dance groups.  I'm not sure that they have anything to do with Independence Day but they sure do love a parade.

Then there was the Statue of Liberty followed by an Oscar Mayer weinermobile.  Ah, America.

Joseph is clearly not shy and makes friends with just about anyone.

After the parade we quickly threw together an impromptu party for 20 people, then watched the semi-fake fireworks on TV.  A fun day all around.   Happy Birthday, America!

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