Tuesday, July 26, 2016


Joseph had his 9 year old check up last week.  People are still surprised to hear that we don't just take care of all that stuff ourselves!  Isn't it better for him to hear that he needs to eat more veggies and get more sleep and have less screen time from someone other than his parents, even if they are both pediatricians?

At 9 he's finally become more self conscious and totally did not want me taking pictures of him in his underwear, but I managed to crop most of him out while still showing that he's almost as tall as Dr. Moe.  His height, by the way, is 58.5", and he weighs 118 pounds.  He's growing so much that he needs his own chart!  Happily there are no shots for a few more years.  He handled the finger prick like a pro - do you believe we screen for high cholesterol this young?  Looks like we're all clear until next year.

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