Saturday, July 30, 2016

Eat. Sleep. Game. Repeat!

Last weekend was Joseph's 9th birthday party!  There were thoughts of laser tag and flag football, but a game truck was the most appropriate choice after all.  Our boy looooooooves video games and anything electronic, but because we limit him so significantly, this was both his ideal party and the perfect present from his parents - 2 straight hours of nothing but video games in an air conditioned truck with all his friends!

We welcomed guests a little early to await the arrival of the truck.  Joseph really wanted a mix of currently popular games with old school arcade games, so I made up this fun Pac-Man sign for the entry to the yard, where we had snacks, drinks, and lots of glow stick necklaces and bracelets.

Once the truck arrived, it was GAME ON!

Yes, he just "dabbed."

This was supposed to be our first "boys only" party, but we managed to sneak in a few girls from the block into the truck without them being "officially" invited.  The truck can have 20 kids simultaneously playing all different things on split screens, but of course Minecraft was up and running from the start.

And this was the adults' view from inside the house.  

Of course we checked on the kids often enough, but they were happy as could be in there alone with the gaming "coach" doing their own thing.  We sat inside with my parents and a few friends and had some wine and normal conversation.  It was the quietest child's birthday party ever!

We had plenty of time to set up the deck for dinner.  Notice the giant video game controller balloon?  The birthday boy requested a Minecraft banner, and the table decoration became a no-brainer after I found this Super Mario fabric on super sale.  Cups, napkins, and straws became piranha plants!

A few quick pieces of Pete's pizza and some fruit, then it was on to cake.  I'm still not sure where this came from, but Joseph requested a Pac-Man cake with ghost cupcakes.  And since Pac-Man is yellow, it had to be lemon cake, which I made with lemon buttercream, and it was SO incredibly delicious.

Part favors? Check!

Some of the funnest sugar cookies I have ever made - Xbox game controllers!  They turned out way better than I ever imagined, and the little stickers that match the invitation are just perfection :)

White chocolate Wii controllers!

And Minecraft diamond sword keychains/backpack pulls made out of Perler beads.  Joseph made many of them himself and even picked color combinations he thought each friend would prefer.

Lastly, Pac-Man favor boxes, filled with bubble gum.  Joseph is partial to Hubba Bubba, but I couldn't find it at a single local store!

Happy 9th birthday, my angel!  

Sorry to say, the iPad is back on lockdown LOL


Michelle said...

Where did you find the pacman boxes? I have looked everywhere. I would appreciate any help. Thank you

Carl, Brent, and Joseph said...

I purchased a digital download pattern on Etsy for the PacMan boxes but it looks like it's no longer available.