Friday, June 10, 2016

Tooth #8

Wow, I never would have guessed it was SO long since Joseph lost a tooth -  March 2015, well over a year ago!  This top incisor on the opposite side has been wiggling around for almost all that time, and it was finally so loose (and being pushed out by the new tooth) that I really tried to convince Joseph to let me pull it out before we left for Texas.  Nope.  One day in Houston I came back from a run to the supermarket to find out that he agreed to let his cousin Leyton yank it.  But not without hesitation.

We completely coincidentally had a routine dental appointment the day we returned from Houston.  How ridiculous are the turtle bibs!?!

Dr. K pointed out what should have been obvious if we were paying attention, that the top incisor on the other side has actually NOT come in after more than a year.  The good news is that it gives us 6 more months to wait before seeing the orthodontist, as they typically want all 4 top and bottom incisors in before starting braces.  But the flip side is that he may actually be missing that adult tooth entirely.  We just have to wait and see.  On the way home we were chatting about how the tooth was missing, and JT adorably says "OMG, maybe it's still in my birthmother's tummy!"

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