Saturday, June 25, 2016

Remains of the Grade

Stick a fork in it, 3rd grade is done!  Here are a few last pictures from the end of the year, when little to no actual learning happens.

I love this picture that Ms. Kirsh (on the right) sent me from field day of Joseph with some of his favorite teachers.  Ms. Sewell (one the far left) was his 2nd grade teacher, and Ms. Klane (left of Joseph) was his 1st grade teacher.  Ms. Klane is actually now Mrs. Thomas, and she is moving to Minnesota this summer to be closer to family.  She was truly an amazing teacher and was such an advocate for our son that she will probably be my favorite teacher forever. She will be SO missed by me and the entire Janney community.

Max A's mom forwarded me these cute pics, the first of which is from the field trip to the zoo.  I was so bummed to miss the majority of field trips this year since they were always scheduled on my work days, but I'm still happy knowing I was able to be involved in a million other things since I work part-time.  In fact, I pretty single handedly planned and executed all the crafts and activities of the 3rd grade-wide end of year celebration - which would be why I have not a single picture to show for it.  The second picture is from a play date with Max A, whose backyard is being excavated in preparation for a 3 story addition - something we have plans underway for as well!  We know Joseph towers over many of his friends, but he is the exact same height as Max's mom.  I just measured him yesterday, and he is 4' 10" already!

There's always an awards ceremony the last week of school.  Our buddy Ethan got the "effort award" from our class for always trying his best! Joseph and Nolan earned their Safety Patrol badges!

After organizing the collection for end of year teacher and staff gifts (which is along the lines of pulling teeth), I crafted these personalized cards to go along with Amazon gifts cards.  I modified this printable I found online.

Joseph brought home quite a full backpack every day for 2 weeks with loads of notebooks and papers.  Among them was this pretty piece from art class.  And a multiplication test that he finally aced!  After being told by his teachers that he was still a bit behind, we tortured that kid for weeks by making him practice multiplication table flashcards before he could do any electronics.  Cruel, but effective.

And we finally got his class photo.  Love!

Now it can officially be summer!

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