Thursday, June 9, 2016

Happy in Houston

One thing never fails when we visit Houston: it is always blazing hot.  Luckily Uncle Glenn installed a pool shortly after moving into their new house (which is gorgeous and huge compared to what you can for the same price in DC) so it was easy to stay cool.  And I can't even begin to say how happy it makes me to see Joseph get along so well and have so much fun with his cousins.  The boys were all about doing jumps and trick basketball shots while being filmed, especially in slow motion.

Why they have a hot tub where it's already so hot, I don't know.  Just call it a spa and take the opportunity to relax with loved ones.

Crawfish, anyone?  Yes, please!

It was terribly sad to say good bye to the cousins and grandparents after such a wonderful weekend, but it gives us the motivation to start planning our next visit.

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