Sunday, May 22, 2016

Random #7

Another roundup of random photos that never got their own blog post for one reason or another.

I was going to do a whole "War and Peace" thing, with a sampling of the bajillion battle scenes Joseph draws on a near daily basis, followed by this one of him peacefully passed out in the car after a very fun but sleepless sleepover.  But then Brent went and recycled all the drawings before I could scan them.....

....because someone in our household *might* be a little OCDish and doesn't like clutter, but I'm not naming names.

I had to take this one of Joe Joe on our way to school one morning just to document how awful his sense of style is, which swings from "everything the same color" to "everything sporty."

A few weeks ago we celebrated Teacher Appreciation at school, and Joseph and I both got to do some crafting.  I designed some goofy gift card holders for gifts from the class (based on local businesses within walking distance of the school), and the kids decorated stars for a craft project that another parent organized.  I'm kinda proud that Joseph used the star in a cool, creative way while complimenting his teachers for teaching in a cool, creative way.

It's been raining here for like a month, but there are random days where it's beautiful enough to go for a run along the Potomac River on the Capital Crescent Trail.  You can see the Washington Monument in the distance, but I'm never running that far unless I take an Uber back.  One of these days it will be dry enough to photograph this very special quilt that I recently finished for a very special person to celebrate a very special event.  Luckily it was done just in time despite deciding to literally unquilt the whole damn thing and start over from scratch.

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