Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Papa Joe's Pizza

It's almost painful to say it, but let's face it: 8 and 9 year old boys would rather spend every minute playing with their friends than doing stuff with their parents.  Sigh.  But when Joseph heard me talking about this seemingly easy pizza dough recipe from Rachel Ray, he actually suggested that it would been fun for us to make pizzas together.

If a recipe calls for yeast, I just move right on along to the next one, but this one really did seem idiot proof.  I tried it while Joseph was at school one day last week, and in literally one hour, I had perfectly risen pizza dough!  (I'm sure the "proof" setting on my oven helped.  I never seem to be able to find that warm spot in the kitchen that recipes call for).

We knew Papa had a work function on Friday, so Joseph and I planned to do our pizzas that night.  He insisted that he was going to do everything on his own.....and he did!  Rolling the dough, spreading the sauce, adding the toppings, it was all him.  While he was working he had a running commentary going, and he came up with the name "Papa Joe's Pizza."  My only contribution was moving the dough onto parchment paper so I could easily slide it on and off the pizza stone in the oven since we don't own a pizza peel.  And I chopped the fresh basil from our container garden.  Joseph talks about wanting to be a chef and owning a restaurant, but I'm not quite ready for him to practice his knife skills just yet.

You know what, it was pretty darned good pizza!  It only takes 5 minutes at about 525 degrees, and it came out perfectly.  We even made extras so Brent could have some when he got home.  It's still much easier to buy a pizza, but you can't buy quality time like that with your kiddo.

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