Saturday, May 28, 2016

Go Ravens!

After a few hours of soggy soccer at Jack's birthday party, we might have passed on playing flag football in the rain, but it was the final game so we had to represent.  Good thing, because half of the team no showed!  (Not that that was a bad thing, since it gave some of the less sporty kids a chance to get a little more of the action than usual).

But more action can mean more "injuries."

The Ravens lost.....again.  I think they won one game the whole season? But they are good sports, and the kids had fun.

We didn't get much of a team picture with at least 6 kids missing, but the kids loved the team sunglasses they passed out at the end.  Overall, this was a really good experience.  Flag Star Football is a great organization, and Carl the "commissioner" is such an awesome guy that we love to support him.  I'm sure we'll be back in the Fall!

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