Friday, May 6, 2016

Family 5K

I can't even remotely remember the last time I ran in a race.  The majority of them were all pre-ankle fracture, which was in early 2013.  Maybe it was when I did our elementary school 5K later that year after I recovered?  That would have been December 2013, and I can't think of any since then (not including that spur of the moment Tough Mudder last year).  So when the Janney 5K rolled around again this year after a hiatus,  I really wanted to do it just to see what kind of pace I could manage after all this time.  Brent and Joseph also decided they wanted to participate, so it was a fun, fit, family affair!

There was an impressive number of kids that signed up for the event.  Joseph planned to walk it with Brent, but there was a good group of 2nd and 3rd graders we know that actually ran the whole thing.

Janney combined forces this year with the Women & Politics Institute of AU to reduce the overhead.   It may look like I took a picture of a crowd and a handicap parking sign, but the woman way in the back on the right in the orange shirt is our mayor, Muriel Bowser.  She also ran with us!

A friend caught an action shot of me as we ran through the neighborhood.  That kid behind me lives across our back alley, and we pretty much paced each other the majority of the race.  Tommy is like 7 or 8, and he left his father in the dust.

Once I finished, I doubled back to meet up with Brent and Joseph.  They made a dash to the finish line at the end, especially after being encouraged (or getting busted by) Mr. Kovacs, the PE teacher.

Mayor Bowser was right there and tried to give Joseph a high five as he crossed the finish line, but he pretty much blew her off.  He had no idea who she was, and he knew there was pizza and donuts waiting for everyone behind the school.  At least he stopped to pose for a picture with his teacher, Ms. Ahlstrom.

The course is especially brutal, with the entire second half uphill.  I was shocked that I did as well as I did with a time just over 25 minutes, averaging an 8:05 minute mile!  I finished 16th in my division (meaning "old men") and 78th overall.  I looked back and found the time of the one I did in 2013: 26:07, an 8:40 mile, which is much closer to my average pace.  I guess trying to beat a 2nd grader makes you pick up the pace!  I'm hoping this will spark some interest in running for Joseph, and we can do the whole thing together next year.

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