Monday, May 30, 2016

Confetti Cookies

There are only 2 kinds of people in the world: the ones that understand and appreciate the true joy that rainbow sprinkles bring to life, and then those freaks that insist that the world revolves around everything chocolate.  You know which one I am.  Our house is split 2 against 1, but since I'm the baker, I get to choose the cookies I want to bake.

I hardly wasted any time before making these Confetti Cookies once the recipe was posted on Smitten Kitchen.  They are, by far, the happiest cookies I have ever baked.  They just make me smile!  And with dough made in the food processor that doesn't even require softening the butter, they are just about the easiest thing to make, ever.  Balls of a butter and cream cheese dough with both vanilla and almond extracts rolled in rainbow sprinkles, and flattened before baking - it sounds like pure heaven, and tastes like it too.  Straight out of the Italian bakeries of my childhood.

These are beautiful cookies, from the front to the back to the middle.  

I was inspired to get baking when I saw on Facebook that it was one of our very favorite teachers birthday over the weekend.  Ms. Klane, our 1st grade teacher, is moving back to Minnesota this summer, so this was the perfect (and probably last) opportunity to make her a special treat.  Of course  Ms. Kirsh, baker extraordinaire, got some too, as did all of our neighbors who always deserve a little sweet surprise.

Joseph says these are not only awesome cookies, but the best cookies I have ever made.  I don't know if I'd go that far, but they sure are good!  I'm sure I'll make them over and over with different colored sprinkles appropriate for the occasion :)

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