Sunday, May 15, 2016

Baking with Brianna 2.0

We only won one thing from this year's school auction, but it was the only thing we wanted: an afternoon of baking with one of our favorite teachers.  Joseph worked with Ms. Brianna when she was an interventionist in 1st grade, and his friend Zara was lucky enough to have her for her 2nd grade teacher.  They had such fun baking with her 2 years ago.  She didn't offer this up at last year's auction, so were excited to win it again this year.

She let Joseph choose among several different recipes, and he picked Mary Berry's iced lemon cupcakes and Martha Stewart's chocolate thumbprint cookies.  This year was so different in that the kids could actually read the directions and do math with fractions and such instead of just being told what to do.  They were also tall enough to not need a stool to reach the counters!  And instead of hounding them like the paparazzi, I just let them do their thing and hardly took any photos.

Both recipes were delicious, and it was so lovely to spend time with Brianna outside of school.  At some point I have to have her over to teach her the art of cake pops, since her first attempt was apparently disastrous.  Thanks for a fun afternoon!

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