Monday, May 30, 2016

Confetti Cookies

There are only 2 kinds of people in the world: the ones that understand and appreciate the true joy that rainbow sprinkles bring to life, and then those freaks that insist that the world revolves around everything chocolate.  You know which one I am.  Our house is split 2 against 1, but since I'm the baker, I get to choose the cookies I want to bake.

I hardly wasted any time before making these Confetti Cookies once the recipe was posted on Smitten Kitchen.  They are, by far, the happiest cookies I have ever baked.  They just make me smile!  And with dough made in the food processor that doesn't even require softening the butter, they are just about the easiest thing to make, ever.  Balls of a butter and cream cheese dough with both vanilla and almond extracts rolled in rainbow sprinkles, and flattened before baking - it sounds like pure heaven, and tastes like it too.  Straight out of the Italian bakeries of my childhood.

These are beautiful cookies, from the front to the back to the middle.  

I was inspired to get baking when I saw on Facebook that it was one of our very favorite teachers birthday over the weekend.  Ms. Klane, our 1st grade teacher, is moving back to Minnesota this summer, so this was the perfect (and probably last) opportunity to make her a special treat.  Of course  Ms. Kirsh, baker extraordinaire, got some too, as did all of our neighbors who always deserve a little sweet surprise.

Joseph says these are not only awesome cookies, but the best cookies I have ever made.  I don't know if I'd go that far, but they sure are good!  I'm sure I'll make them over and over with different colored sprinkles appropriate for the occasion :)

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Go Ravens!

After a few hours of soggy soccer at Jack's birthday party, we might have passed on playing flag football in the rain, but it was the final game so we had to represent.  Good thing, because half of the team no showed!  (Not that that was a bad thing, since it gave some of the less sporty kids a chance to get a little more of the action than usual).

But more action can mean more "injuries."

The Ravens lost.....again.  I think they won one game the whole season? But they are good sports, and the kids had fun.

We didn't get much of a team picture with at least 6 kids missing, but the kids loved the team sunglasses they passed out at the end.  Overall, this was a really good experience.  Flag Star Football is a great organization, and Carl the "commissioner" is such an awesome guy that we love to support him.  I'm sure we'll be back in the Fall!

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Soggy Soccer

Aunt Missy and I have had some close calls with weather issues threatening the best laid birthday party plans in the past, but this year, oh my - full on pouring rain for Jack's outdoor soccer fest for his 9th birthday.  And instead of canceling and rescheduling, the party went on, with the usual awesomeness we are accustomed to, because why would rain get in the way of executing a good party theme?

All compliments of one crazy soccer mom.

Jack's favorite ASA coach was on hand to run drills and get some games going.  Joseph isn't so much a fan of soccer, but he played a little, and played around a little too.

Happy 9th birthday to my favorite little soccer star!

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Random #7

Another roundup of random photos that never got their own blog post for one reason or another.

I was going to do a whole "War and Peace" thing, with a sampling of the bajillion battle scenes Joseph draws on a near daily basis, followed by this one of him peacefully passed out in the car after a very fun but sleepless sleepover.  But then Brent went and recycled all the drawings before I could scan them.....

....because someone in our household *might* be a little OCDish and doesn't like clutter, but I'm not naming names.

I had to take this one of Joe Joe on our way to school one morning just to document how awful his sense of style is, which swings from "everything the same color" to "everything sporty."

A few weeks ago we celebrated Teacher Appreciation at school, and Joseph and I both got to do some crafting.  I designed some goofy gift card holders for gifts from the class (based on local businesses within walking distance of the school), and the kids decorated stars for a craft project that another parent organized.  I'm kinda proud that Joseph used the star in a cool, creative way while complimenting his teachers for teaching in a cool, creative way.

It's been raining here for like a month, but there are random days where it's beautiful enough to go for a run along the Potomac River on the Capital Crescent Trail.  You can see the Washington Monument in the distance, but I'm never running that far unless I take an Uber back.  One of these days it will be dry enough to photograph this very special quilt that I recently finished for a very special person to celebrate a very special event.  Luckily it was done just in time despite deciding to literally unquilt the whole damn thing and start over from scratch.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Safety Patrol

Check out Janney Elementary's newest member of the Safety Patrol!  

Joseph desperately wanted to join last year, but then he lost his application before he could turn it in - clearly a sign that he wasn't ready for the responsibility LOL.  Now that he's gotten his sash, hopefully the power won't go to his head.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Baking with Brianna 2.0

We only won one thing from this year's school auction, but it was the only thing we wanted: an afternoon of baking with one of our favorite teachers.  Joseph worked with Ms. Brianna when she was an interventionist in 1st grade, and his friend Zara was lucky enough to have her for her 2nd grade teacher.  They had such fun baking with her 2 years ago.  She didn't offer this up at last year's auction, so were excited to win it again this year.

She let Joseph choose among several different recipes, and he picked Mary Berry's iced lemon cupcakes and Martha Stewart's chocolate thumbprint cookies.  This year was so different in that the kids could actually read the directions and do math with fractions and such instead of just being told what to do.  They were also tall enough to not need a stool to reach the counters!  And instead of hounding them like the paparazzi, I just let them do their thing and hardly took any photos.

Both recipes were delicious, and it was so lovely to spend time with Brianna outside of school.  At some point I have to have her over to teach her the art of cake pops, since her first attempt was apparently disastrous.  Thanks for a fun afternoon!