Thursday, April 7, 2016

The Modern Baby

We're back from an action packed Spring Break trip to Disney World and Universal Studios, so of course the 1st thing I would post about is.....a quilt.  I just didn't have a chance to get this one up before we left.

I came to the realization recently that I wasn't quilting as much as I would like because I pretty much make quilts with a specific purpose in mind.  There was quite a while when everyone we knew was having baby after baby, or celebrating a milestone event, and I'd make a quilt for that particular reason.  But such things slowly tapered off, and I was making fewer and fewer things, and often smaller things just to keep at it or try something new.

But Joseph's former preschool teacher just had a baby!  We've stayed in touch with Kasia for years, and even still see her a little in the summer during a few weeks of camp.  She got married last summer, and welcomed her baby girl, Agata, about a month ago.  A perfect purpose for a new quilt!

I've had stacks of quilt magazines lying around for years and came across this pattern for "the modern baby" as I was tearing them up recently.  I always thought this pattern would be a simple and pretty baby quilt.  Finally, a reason to use it!

The directions are so clever!  I pulled 12 fat quarters right out of my stash in pink, green, orange, and gray.  (I just love these colors together.  Reminds me of rainbow sherbet!) It calls for a 17" square of each fabric that you stack and slice up, then shuffle and sew back together.

Then you cut those blocks on the diagonal, shuffle them too, and sew together to form these big, adorable blocks, which are very dynamic when put together in the completed quilt top.

There's a generous strip of fabric left over from each fat quarter, and I used those all for the majority of the back of the quilt (as opposed to the binding as called for in the directions).  The quilting was very simple, a diagonal line about every 2" echoing the strong diagonal in the blocks.

I had a bit more of the green polka dot I used for the binding, but not quite enough to make it all the way around.  Scraps to the rescue!  I would kill for more of those adorable pink bubbles.

I finished and photographed the quilt right at the peak of our famous cherry blossoms in DC.  I never quite got the shots I wanted, but they're still so pretty together.

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