Saturday, April 16, 2016

Disney's Animal Kingdom

We had a "park hopper" pass for our last day at Disney, and split the day between the Animal Kingdom in the morning and the Magic Kingdom at night.

This was the only day we were able to utilize the extra "magic hours," getting into the park an hour early before it opened to the masses.  We made a bee-line for the Dinosaur ride and were able to do it a few times in a row.  Joseph claims to have loved it, but I'm not sure how he could tell LOL.  We decided to buy the Photo Pass for the day after seeing these pictures, which are identical to the photos from every other ride we went on the whole trip.

Then we went on safari, definitely one of the highlights of the park.  It's just amazing how they can get all those different animals in the same place, and how the tour can get so close to them without something disastrous happening.

The Tree of Life is really the show stopper of the park.  The carvings are so intricate and there's something different to see from every angle.

We did just about everything we wanted to do in the park before lunch, lucky since it started to rain after that and they had to close down almost all of the rides.  We had to miss out on the Expedition Everest roller coaster that we were supposed to do after lunch, probably best since I don't think JT would have handled it well anyway.  We ducked into a few indoor exhibits, and wound up front of the line to meet Mickey and Minnie before we realized what we were doing!  Joseph had no desire to waste time meeting any characters (as I said earlier, we were afraid he was aging out of the whole Disney experience), but he humored us just this once.  I'm glad to have any least one picture with Mickey, since it was a Disney vacation after all!  Plus, the Photo Pass was starting to pay for itself :)

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