Tuesday, March 8, 2016


I finally made it down to the newly renovated Renwick Gallery last week to see its inaugural exhibition called "Wonder."  Each of the 9 galleries showcases one large scale installation, and they are indeed, wondrous!

Right off the entrance are ten towers created by glueing together thousands of styrene index cards.

The next gallery is home to a twisting rainbow made of miles of embroidery thread that runs floor to ceiling.

In the back are enormous pods made by Patrick Dougherty made of woven willow osiers.

Heading upstairs to the 2nd floor there's a light sculpture overhead made up of 320 hanging rods and 23,000 LED lights that "shimmer and sparkle in endless non repeating sequences."

This room's "wallpaper" is made entirely of brightly colored insects pinned to the wall!

Maya Lin's installation is a map of the Chesapeake Bay made out of green glass marbles.  Instead of fitting in the space it is over scaled, and the rivers running up the walls look like cracks in the plaster.

This artist first made a plaster cast of a 160 year old giant hemlock tree is the Cascade Mountains, then recreated it with half a million recycled cedar strips glued together.

Suspended overhead in the Grand Salon is a mesh made up of 50 miles of knotted string that changes colors, meant to reflect the energy levels released by an earthquake in the Pacific Ocean resulting in a tsunami.

Joseph was pretty blown away by my pictures and the flyer I brought home, so I think another visit is in order!

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