Sunday, March 6, 2016

Love Triangle

I was tearing up old quilting magazines in January when I came across a great pattern.  I'd made a quilt with tumblers once, and ever since then I'd always wanted to try a pattern with triangles too.  Since I wasn't working on any other projects, I grabbed some template plastic and dove right in.  I haven't used templates in forever! Valentine's Day was coming up, so I gravitated toward a few red prints along with solids in 5 different shades of gray.

I knew immediately that the little heart-within-a-heart in the triangle above was going to be my favorite part of this whole project!  I took extra care to pin every intersection, something I don't normally do, and damn if those points are not as crisp as can be!  This may very well be the most precision piecing I have ever done.  The back is pretty tidy too with all the seams pressed open.

I had no plan for ultimate size, as I was just having fun trying out a new technique.  The triangles finish out at 3" tall with a 2.5" base, and the quilt overall ended up being about 16" by 31.5".

Since I used all solid grays on the front, I went with a gray damask print from my stash on the back.  The quilting is just simple straight lines along the 2 congruent sides of the isosceles triangle (math is fun!), which form large diamonds as well as sweet little diamonds at the intersections of the points.

I stuck with the same print for the binding, which is hand stitched for a change.

As I was piecing this mini, I always had the red triangles pointing up (like the pattern picture), but you know, they look pretty neat oriented horizontally too, and I almost prefer it this way.

Joseph was kind enough to help me take some photographs, and I love the effect of this red-only color filter (I used the green one this time).  I especially love how there's some red in his cheeks and lips!

Not sure what I'm going to do with this little quilt, but it was fun to make.  And better yet, with all the patterns I ripped out of those old magazines, I'm already working on another new project!

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