Friday, March 11, 2016


And so begins the last year of my 40's......

Bummer that I had to work, but my staff was sweet and got me cupcakes, a giant balloon, and a plant.  Ditto the bummer when Brent found out that Heidelberg bakery is closed on Mondays so we had to forgo the world's best lemon buttercream cake for once and instead have a variety of delicious cupcakes from Red Velvet bakery.  We went out to Barcelona for dinner and it turns out JT is a big fan of tapas.

Honestly, I almost felt like I could have canceled my birthday this year.  I had a 4 day weekend preceding it where I did all kinds of things I love, from museums to spin class, lots of free time to quilt and work my way through the final Harry Potter book, and I even went to a matinee by myself.

And I haven't mentioned that I just got a brand new car!  

Combined with all the calls, texts, messages, and Facebook posts, it was more than I deserve!

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