Sunday, February 21, 2016

All Mixed Up!

In trying to come up with a new idea for a homemade, non-candy valentine for Joseph's class this year, we came across these fun and inexpensive mini "magic cubes" (i.e. Rubik's Cubes) on Oriental Trading.  '80's toys seem to be such a hit with kids these days (and WOW, doesn't that statement make me sound OLD?!?), so Joseph settled on them right away.

Although I'm the one with the know-how on graphics, I decided that Joseph really needed to have creative control over these.  We tried out flat and folded cards in several shapes and sizes with different fonts and orientation, and he was quite opinionated about what he liked.  I would have voted for the classic primary colors, but he insisted on valentine colors.  He also chose "You have me all mixed up" over many other sayings ("You complete me," "Be mine or be square," "Friendship is the solution," "Love is complicated").

The finished product was a card that would fold over the top of a cellophane bag.  I printed out a ton of them (31 classmates plus 2 teachers!) and set him to work addressing them all.

Then we bagged them up and they were ready for the class party.  The kids absolutely loved them!

Joseph also made a card for his teachers, which is so very sweet: "I think you two are nice, kind people with a warm soul, helping everybody.  I think you two are overworking.  I think you should get more rest."  I'm sure they agree!

The teachers had been focusing more on celebrating friendship rather than love, and had each student make a friendship card for another randomly assigned classmate.  I was in charge of a craft for the class party, and in keeping with the friendship theme, I had the kids make an initial out of Perler beads for a different classmate.  We then attached them to keychains to use as backpack zipper pulls.  I had no idea Perler made a "letter lingo" set and was thrilled to find it at the craft store.  All I had to do was enlarge the templates so they were easier for the kids to see.  The kids really loved the idea and did a great job, but it took a LOT longer than expected to iron and attach keychains to 31 initials.

Here's the friendship card Joseph got from his classmate Clara.

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