Thursday, January 7, 2016

The Land of Enchantment

Happy New Year from the Alton Boys!  We spent our New Year's in New Mexico, the Land of Enchantment and childhood home of my best friend, for a wedding in Santa Fe.  Most people I've told seem to think New Mexico is all desert, but the Rocky Mountain Range extends into the state, and we had beautiful views of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains (Spanish for "Blood of Christ") on our drive from the airport in Albuquerque to Santa Fe.

We each had our own version of in flight entertainment:

The effects of an early flight out of Baltimore and a 2 hour time change:

We stayed at a lovely hotel, the Inn at Loretto.

We had a nice room with a balcony, which was a big draw for the kids even though (or maybe because) it was covered in a sheet of ice.  All the hotels have traditional Pueblo adobe architecture and are lined with luminaria.  So pretty at night!

It was my best friend's niece's wedding, so the best part of the trip was spending tons of time with Lance and his family.  Of course we spent a lot of time walking around the Plaza, which is the heart of the downtown area.

With many other friends and family in town for the wedding, we also spent a good amount of time just hanging out together in "the Living Room" of the hotel lobby.  There were things to make everyone happy during happy hour.

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