Saturday, January 30, 2016

Snowzilla: the Aftermath

Although the exact amount of snowfall from winter storm Jonas (otherwise affectionately know as "Snowzilla") is debatable, we wound up with easily a good 2 feet of snow in our northwest DC neighborhood.  It started snowing in the early afternoon on Friday, and by Saturday morning our front steps were completely buried.

Looking from the inside out:

I ventured out to check out the scene and take some measurements (and a few snow-selfies).  I was almost in up to my knees, and there was an average of about 15-16" of snow in just one night!

A plow had come by all of once, and we had to keep shoveling ourselves all the way out to the street.

Then we played around a little bit, and it just kept on snowing.

Our neighbors 2 houses down:

The next morning we woke to beautiful blue skies and a lot more snow, bringing us up to 2 feet or more.  We were running out of places to pile all the snow we were shoveling just to be able to get out of our houses!

And it was time to tackle shoveling out all of our cars.
Not that we were driving anywhere anytime soon.

Here's my poor little car completely buried!  It took a village to clear us all out, and then the plows finally came and gave us more work to do.

And don't forget the back!

The funny thing is that the city has been working on replacing all the gas lines and meters on our block over the past few weeks, and they left all these backhoes parked in front of our houses.  If only we knew how to hot wire them we could have cleared the whole street in a heartbeat!

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