Friday, January 22, 2016


"Ya gotta see the baby!" Hopefully you'll recognize that as one of the bajillions of memorable Seinfeld quotes.  It was all I could think as Joseph and I raced off one day after school last week for a sneak peak at the new giant panda cub at the National Zoo.  Of course in our case it was "Ya gotta see the Bei Bei!" referring to his name, which means "precious treasure."  Having a new giant panda cub make his national debut is serious business around here, since we have one of the only 4 zoos in the US with panda bears.  As FONZ (Friends of the National Zoo) members, we were invited to a private screening 2 weeks before the panda house was open to the public again.

Unfortunately Bei Bei was sound asleep during our entire visit as expected, as panda cubs tend to sleep the majority of the time.  Luckily for us his older sister, 2 year old Bao Bao, was full of energy and put on a good show climbing and eating bamboo.

Their mom, Mei Xiang, was also happily hanging out in front for all to see, while little Bei Bei was snuggled up inside a small rock formation.  All we could see were stripes of his black and white fur and a little movement now and then when he changed position to get more comfortable.

We could see Bei Bei much more clearly on the Panda-cam just down the hall in the research center.  So sweet, but we're gonna have to go back to see him once he's more active and playful.

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